2013 Schedule

 Date  Contest Name  City  Results
 63 4/13/13 Smoke in the Spring  Osage City, KS 1st Ribs, 29th Overall, 71 teams
 64 4/27/13 Sam's Club Nat'l BBQ  Overland Park, KS 6th Chicken, 10th Ribs
1st Pork, 10th Overall, 30 teams
5/3/13 Bixby BBQ and Blues Fest
Competed as Throwin' Smoke
 Bixby, OK 6th Chicken, 7th Ribs
6th Overall, 88 teams
 65 6/15/13 Sunflower BBQ  Topeka, KS 6th Chicken
11th Overall, 34 teams
 66 7/20/13 Wildblue BBQ  Burlington, KS 8th Chicken, 7th Pork
12th Overall, 40 teams
 67 8/3/13 Wheels and Squeels BBQ Challenge  Olathe, KS 5th Chicken, 2nd Ribs
5th Pork
Reserve Grand Champion, 74 teams
1st People's Choice Pork
 68 10/6/13 American Royal Open KC, MO 15th Pork
535 Teams