Contest History

Date Contest Location  Results
 1 8/26/05 Paola Roots Festival  Paola, KS  No Calls
 2 4/21/06 KSU Wildcat BBQ  Manhattan, KS  9th Chicken
 5th Ribs
 3 5/19/06 OK Joe's BBQ  Kansas City, KS  No Calls
 4 8/18/06 Flint Hills Beef Fest  Emporia, KS  5th Chicken
 2nd Anything Beef
10th Overall
  3/09/07 NKC BBQ (with GandyQ)  N. Kansas City, MO  No Calls
 5 4/20/07 KSU Wildcat BBQ  Manhattan, KS  No Calls
 6 5/25/07 Great American BBQ Open  Kansas City, KS  8th Brisket
 7 7/20/07 Wildblue BBQ  Burlington, KS  9th Chicken
 9th Ribs
 1st Brisket
 8 8/10/07 Greater Emporia BBQ  Emporia, KS  No Calls
 9 8/24/07 Paola Roots Festival  Paola, KS  2nd Pork
 3rd Brisket
 10th Overall
 10 10/5/07 American Royal Invitational  Kansas City, MO  1st Pork
 13th Brisket
 11 10/6/07 American Royal Open  Kansas City, MO  11th Pork
 12 3/14/08 NKC BBQ  N. Kansas City, MO  7th Brisket
 13 4/11/08 Smoke in the Spring  Osage City, KS  3rd Chicken
 14 4/18/08 KSU Wildcat BBQ  Manhattan, KS  7th Brisket
 9th Overall
 15 5/23/08 Great American BBQ Invitational  Kansas City, KS  15th Chicken
 16 5/24/08 Great American BBQ Open  Kansas City, KS   No Calls
           6/5/08 Qlossal (w. Dodge County Smokers)  Des Moines, IA  3rd Pork
 2nd Whole Hog
 4th Overall
 17 6/27/08 Great Lenexa BBQ Battle  Lenexa, KS  2nd Sausage
 18 8/22/08 Paola Roots Festival  Paola, KS  10th Brisket
 19 9/5/08 Little Blue BBQ  Fairbury, NE  1st Chicken
 7th Ribs
 7th Pork
 5th Brisket
  1/31/09 Humble Rodeo BBQ (w. Throwin' Smoke) IBCA Rules Humble, TX 13th Brisket
1st Chef's Choice
 20  3/13/09      North KC MO BBQ  North KC, MO  No Calls
 21  4/10/09  Smoke in the Spring  Osage City, KS  3rd Ribs, 69 teams
 22  4/24/10  VFW Post 846 BBQ Challenge  Overland Park, KS  2nd Chicken, 1st Brisket
4th Overall, 44 teams
 23  5/22/10  Great American BBQ Invitational      Kansas City, KS  20th Chicken
 24  5/23/10  Great American BBQ Open  Kansas City, KS  4th Apps (Lisa), 16th Apps (Jerrod)
14th Wraps (Lisa), 2nd Wings (Ben)
No Calls, 36th Overall, 163 teams
 25  5/29/09  Wheatstock Grill Off  Abilene, KS  8th Ribs, 13th Overall, 31 teams
 26  7/17/09  WildBlue BBQ  Burlington, KS  4th Brisket, 13th Overall, 34 teams
 27  8/7/09  Wheels and Squeals BBQ  Olathe, KS  4th Chicken, 5th Ribs, 9th Overall, 48 teams
   8/21/09  Prilosec OTC BBQ Shootout (w. Dodge County Smokers)  Bristol, TN  3rd Ribs, 4th Pork
 28  8/28/09  Paola Roots Festival  Paola, KS  8th Brisket, 66 teams
 29  9/18/09  Cherokee Strip Cookoff (Todd/Ed)  Ponca City, OK  8th Chicken, 7th Brisket, 12th Overall
50 teams
 30  9/25/09  Bikes, Blues and BBQ (Todd/Ed)  Fayetteville, AR  No Calls
 31  10/3/09  American Royal Invitational  KC, MO  No Calls, 23rd Overall, 119 teams
 32  10/4/09  American Royal Open  KC, MO  No Calls, 71st Overall, 473 teams
 15th Veggies, 86th Beans, 25th Potatoes
17th Overall in side dishes, 188 teams
3rd Sausage, 311 teams
   3/12/10  North KC MO State Championship (Helped Old Style BBQ)  KC, MO  Grand Champion
 33  4/9/10  Smoke in the Spring  Osage City, KS 8th Chicken, 4th Brisket
6th Overall, 84 Teams
 34  4/23/10  VFW Post 846 BBQ Challenge  Overland Park, KS 5th Pork, 7th Brisket
17th Overall, 57 Teams 
 35  5/21/10  Great American BBQ  KC, KS 12th Ribs
56th Overall, 190 Teams 
 36  5/28/10  Red, White, Blue and BBQ  Topeka, KS 3rd Chicken, 3rd Pork
6th Overall, 38 Teams 
 37  7/2/10  Smokin' Hot BBQ  Girard, KS 10th Chicken, 5th Brisket
7th Overall, 31 Teams 
 38  7/16/10  WildBlue BBQ  Burlington, KS 2nd Chicken, 5th Ribs, 8th Pork
3rd Overall, 53 Teams
5th Appitizers, 2nd Dessert
 39  7/30/10  Riverside BBQ Classic  Iola, KS 4th Chicken, 4th Brisket
5th Overall, 40 Teams
 40  8/6/10  Wheels and Squeals BBQ  Olathe, KS 5th Chicken, 10th Pork
Reserve Grand Champion 
66 Teams
 41  8/20/10  Flint Hills Beef Fest  Emporia, KS 5th Chicken, 10th Ribs
5th Pork, 5th Brisket
Reserve Grand Champion
45 Teams 
     Sunflower BBQ Showdown Series
 (Osage City, Burlington, Emporia)
 Combined scores from all 3 contests
  1st Pork
Overall Grand Champion 
 42  8/27/10  Paola Roots Festival  Paola, KS No Calls
18th Overall, 71 Teams
3rd Sausage 
 43  9/17/10  Cherokee Strip Cook-Off (Todd/Ed)  Ponca City, OK 4th Ribs, 4th Brisket
11th Overall, 48 Teams 
 44  10/1/10  American Royal BBQ  KC, MO 15th Brisket
12th Overall, 490 Teams
 45  10/31/10  Bates County BBQ  Butler, MO No Calls
23rd Overall, 70 Teams

                            Wildblue BBQ  Burlington, KS                                                                        American Royal Invitational                  

                                                                                                  Little Blue BBQ  Fairbury, NE